Here you can find the resources for your own libraries. The first two great posters were designed for us by Carel Press.

Download your posters here:

Picture board   to create talking points about what makes a Great School Library

Sue Riley   Poster with quote from Sue Riley

Sonia Blandford  Poster with quote from Sonia Blandford

Teresa Cremin poster

Sue Mordecai poster

Click this link to see the Great School Libraries video on Youtube, or watch it straight on our Home Page


Case Study Templates

Please consider writing us up a Case Study of how your library contributes to teaching and learning in your school.  These will form part of a very important body of evidence that we need in this campaign.  Everything will be anonymised from the forms if submitted.  We have also included a sample Case Study for you to look at.  Thank you!

Case Study Template

Case study example