Aims and Objectives

Great School Libraries is a campaign which was announced by CILIP’s CEO Nick Poole at the CILIPSLG Conference in April 2018 and was launched in September 2018.  The campaign is a collaboration between CILIP, CILIPSLG and the SLA.  There is a working party chaired by Alison Tarrant, CEO of the SLA.  The Campaign is planned to last for three years, with the aim of bringing school libraries and librarians back to every school in the UK, but also by gathering data on the quality and quantity of school libraries that already exist, via a data collecting subgroup. The Campaign finishes in the summer of 2021.

Campaign plan

SLA and SLG are working together on the campaign which will use research and evidence, public campaigning and lobbying to build towards greater national recognition and support for school libraries. Our campaign plan sets out activities over the weeks and months ahead:

Campaign objectives

All children growing up today deserve the same opportunities to read, learn and fulfil their potential. Great school libraries are a vital part of improving outcomes for children. They do this in a range of different ways and through building a library habit which can support them throughout their education and beyond.

The SLA and CILIP SLG have come together with CILIP to launch this joint 3-year evidence-based campaign with the following aims and objectives:

• Recognition of School Libraries/Librarians in Ofsted Inspection Framework
• Creation of a School Library Strategy for England
• Specific investment into School Library development


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